Mihai Șovăială

My name is Mihai Sovaiala and I was born in 1993 in Brașov, Romania. I am currently based in Leipzig, Germany, where I study photography within the Meisterschüler program at Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, under Prof. Joachim Brohm. In 2016 I have receive a BFA degree in photography at the National University of Arts in Bucharest under the guidance of Prof. Iosif Király

My artistic interests lie at the border between conceptual and documentary photography. In my practice I tend to draw attention to problematic aspects of recent history, stories that already established in the collective memory, or neglected narratives passed in uncertain realities. Having my projects based on research, my focus is also determined by my personal experiences in within the subject matters. Thus concluding some of my projects with installations or performative acts which reflects upon the subject from a more objective perspective. Another important theme of my practice is the use of archives. Whether photographic or textual, once the archive is decontextualized generate new meanings and forms of appreciation, which later on I translate them either through a fictional or purely documentary work. My work assumes specific forms in exhibition spaces and books, which some of them I self-publish in limited editions. The book objects, reformulated and free from conventions, offer another key to understanding the work.

T: +40 747 934 508
E: sovaialamihai@gmail.com


2017 - 2019     Meisterschüler an der Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig, Prof. Joachim Brohm
2013 - 2016     National University of Arts, Bucharest, Bachelor Photography/Video
2014 - 2015     Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig, Dept. Photography and Media

Group Exhibitions

2019     Reaknowledged Structures: Models part of Circulations, European young photography festival at The Centquatre, Paris, FR
2019     4m3 at 2m3 Open Space, Brussels, BE
2018     What Remains part of l’angle du hasard IV at Pop Up Galerie, Wien, AT
2018     Eșantion #2 part of Landschaft at Fotogalerie Wien, AT
2018     Nothing was touched, just recorded part of Genau Da at FO.KU.S Galerie, Innsbruck, AT
2018     On a false track part of the original format may have disintegrated and is no longer available at GapGap Galerie, Leipzig, DE
2018     In den Himmel gegangen part of PPM#3 at AiciAcolo Pop Up Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, RO
2018     4m3 part of Rights at Tranzit Gallery, Iasi, RO
2018     4m3 part of most wild, last of the wild, least wild at HGB Rundgang, Leipzig, DE
2017     4m3 at Alert Studio, Bucharest, RO
2017     A Displaced Portrait, part of FOUND&LOST at Float Gallery, Athens, GR
2017     RAUMKONZEPTE at FotoGalerie Wien, AT
2017     20 at Moebius Gallery, Bucharest, RO
2016     Eșantion, part of D-Platform at Galeria Posibila, Bucharest, RO
2016     Dealul Melcilor at Domino Gallery, part of The Factory of Facts and Other (Unspoken) Stories, Cluj, RO
2016     Reaknowledged Structures: Models at AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest, RO
2016     Reaknowledged Structures: Models at Cupola Gallery, part of the Biennale of Contemporary Photography and Dynamic Image, Camera Plus, Jassy, RO
2016     Safe Perimeter at Make a Point, Bucharest, RO
2015     City for Sale at Zpațiu Gallery, Kishinev, MD
2014     Production Areas at UNAgallery, Bucharest, RO

Contributions and Publications

2019     Production Areas published in KAJET Issue 3, Magazine
2018     What Remains published in KAJET Issue 2, Magazine
2018     Production Areas published in BKN Issue 5, Magazine
2017     Reaknowledged Structures: Models, published in Membrana Issue 3, Magazine
2017     A Displaced Portrait published in FOUND&LOST Magazine, VOID Publishing
2017     GJF20, published by Jazz Banat Cultural Foundation
2017     Broken Vertebra published in GR-02092017, SKREID Publishing
2016     What Remains, published in Safe Perimeter, P+4 Publications


2018     shortlisted at It's a Book, Leipzig, DE
2017     shortlisted for Unseen Dummy Award, Amsterdam, NL
2017     Photography Book, prize offered by the national book competion, The most beautiful books from Romania, Bucharest, RO
2016     Young Designer, prize offered by the national book competion, The most beautiful books from Romania, Bucharest, RO


BTV Stadtforum - FO.KU.S Foto Kunst Galerie, Innsbruck, AT