Mihai Șovăială


“The reports published in this volume testify to a period when the region’s nature and population were molded by very different prerogatives that those of today. The construction of the Danube-Black Sea Canal, to which these documents refer, was accomplished in two separate stages. (…) In the first stage (1949-1955), which roughly coincided with the last years of Stalin’s rule, much work was done manually.”

“The CIA files presented below index the operational dynamic of the project in the clean, bureaucratic manner of the secret service. Nothing of importance escapes its view: the headquarters for the Agitprop officers, the military facilities, the guards and the prisoners, the wooden barracks, the warehouses and infirmaries, the educational centers, how much stone is excavated, using which equipment, of which provenience etc. All this information is written down meticulously.”

(Ovidiu Pop, foreword of the book, “Political Regimes of Truth: The Case of the Danube-Black Sea Canal”)

Concept and Edit - Mihai Șovăială, Valentin Cernat
Editor - Raluca Nestor Oancea
Foreword - Ovidiu Pop
Afterword - Raluca Nestor Oancea
Photographs - Mihai Șovăială, Valentin Cernat
CIA Reports - www.cia.gov/library/readingroom
Translation - Rareș Grozea
Design - Alin Cincă
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