What Remains is a visual tale of three distinct cities. Although couched as a statement, the title can be read both as a declaration and as a question. The variation in meanings that it produces, takes shape in the absence of a question mark. The juxtaposition of images sets out from the intention to photograph singular scenes from different periods and places that succeed only fragmentarily in compiling an objective representation of the real. Reproducing the quotidian space in a way that is simultaneously concrete and vague, the non-descriptive situations captured by the camera lens redefine an atemporal unity, a territory of the investigation of one’s own memories and uncertainties. In “What Remains”, an intriguing dialogue takes place before our eyes. This is not the Bucharest or Leipzig or Brasov of postcards. As we venture through the scarcely prefabricated neighbourhoods, backyards, flats, and inevitably, citystreets, we are struck by the graphical relationships and the surprisingly similar elements which can be find on these locations. There is a magnetic attraction and repulsion between these cities—which at unexpected moments, converge and suddenly lose their identity.