Mihai Șovăială


“Artists Valentin Cernat and Mihai Șovăială, representing a generation that has not experienced communism firsthand, tasked themselves with encountering the people and the memory of this history (…). As an attempt to know and understand, with instruments bordering on art and visual anthropology, the project opened with a field research in which the two documented the Constanța – Cernavodă – Poarta Albă area, travelling by foot on monotonous, deserted, dusty roads, querying locals, inventorying communist relics: monuments, narratives, abandoned buildings. The two have later performed on the shore, close to the former Poarta Albă colony a reenactment of the daily work ritual imposed to the prisoners of the Canal: the digging of a four cubic meters hole.”

(Raluca Nestor (Oancea), afterword the book, “Art as Liberating Technique in the Age of Docile Bodies”)