Mihai Șovăială

Reacknowledged structures

Models     A Displaced Portrait

Models begins from an analysis and an interpretation of the educational slides made by the Animafilm cinema studio in Bucharest in the 1970's, with varying themes as a base for teaching foreign languages.

The children in the slides were bound to the system they grew up in which used the image of the so called "pioneer" to implement teaching methods. Today these slide albums which bear witness of recent histories have lost their initial purpose since their removal from circulation.

As a consequence, the people in these scenes, lose control of their own image, as most of the slides are nowadays found on sale in flea markets or antique shops without any copyright protection. The possibility of these people being alive brings their identity in discussion since there is no archive or register regarding the production of these slide albums.

Mihai and Horațiu Șovăială attempt to reproduce the canonized image of the three characters from the didactic materials, by imagining them in the current context, taken out of anonymity, debunked, considered as actual proximal presence in a possible daily situation.